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Yay, lucky 13! You know the drill - this table is totally random... Totally Random Table #13 1. Some kind of weird venereal disease where you lose your sense of taste,... more
It's amazing what comes out of the internet, and what you can accidentally learn just by reading forum threads and blog posts about RPGs. 3 years ago, I hadn't heard of half... more
At some point, I'm going to run a game or write a scenario about a simulated wild west, populated by a vast array of androids programmed to serve high-paying guests for romance,... more
Indeed, my friends and lovers of tables that are truly random... there is yet another installment for thine eyes! Truly Random Table #9 1. Maple syrup 2. The green and... more
I was talking with my friend Joseph Hines about Death Race: Fury Road. Basically, he was saying that it's fairly lethal and surviving depends on pure luck rather than any... more
Here's another d6 table that is truly random... Truly Random Table #6 1. Blood running down a ventriloquist dummy's hand 2. The cornfield 3. Diamonds 4. Cassette tape... more
Patrick Stuart wrote Fire on the Velvet Horizon and Deep Carbon Observatory, both of which are highly regarded in the paper... more
[This template, originally published on will be included in Universal Exploits, an upcoming supplement for Alpha Blue] Few Space Dungeon Masters out there are... more
Sophia Brandt won the contest (for her review of How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss) and got to name the topic of a d6 table for me to write. "Weird adventures" was all she... more
Hi, I am planing to write a setting book, adapted for 5e rules, not this year, maybe not next one, but someday, and I'm asking for some advice, what should i do once i finish... more