Kodarr's Kommandments

Hail and well met, jackasses! In case you've forgotten... you stand upon the bloody sand of Kodarr's fighting pits. Actually, I don't think that's blood. More likely barbecue... more
Not only should GMs get paid to run games, players should consider buying life insurance for their characters. Otherwise... well, let the dice fall where they may. Kodarr hath... more
If you aren't at least a little bit excited about the new Star Wars movies, then do me a favor and SUCK A BAG OF BEHOLDER DICKS!!! Feel free to disagree, but have more than a... more
So, rumor is there's a new sheriff in town. A Dungeon Master's Guide by the name of Fifth Edition. Oh, you've heard of him? Can't say I'm surprised. Bow down before your... more
Dungeonscape? Why would I want to escape from the dungeon? I'm Kodarr the barbarian, not "goblin crap" the anxiety-ridden gnome. Let me tell you something... if there's a... more
Where's the variety of ale in fantasy RPG taverns? Here in Wisconsin we've got a bar on every corner, and within many of these fine establishements they offer imported,... more
You want respect as a GM? Earn it by setting reasonable limits... then stick to your guns. GMs who sacrifice fun, challenging sessions by courting player approval run the risk... more
Here's what you do... Suck-up to the most powerful being in the realm. After securing his favor, kill the GM's favorite NPC. Now, the GM knows you mean business... and from... more
Fantasy is about Elves and shit. You got your High Elves, Wood Elves, Water Elves, Moon Elves, Blood Elves, etc. So, before your next campaign, invent another kind of Elf like a... more