This idea came to me just before arriving at Game Hole Con Saturday where I ran a couple games. The night before, I was watching the 1989 post-apocalypse movie Cyborg. An idea... more
I've got another totally random table... Totally Random Table #15 1. Dental hygienist who looks just like a young (but still over 18) Traci Lords. 2. Atari 2600 game... more
If you must know, the idea came from here. I intend to do a weekly series of d6 random tables without any thought to their subject, topic, or reason for existing. Though... more
The Game Master should try to be as objective as possible (most of the time). Specifically, when he has knowledge that the characters he's managing, the NPCs, don't have. An... more
Black Rainbow is a named +3 bastard or two-handed sword fashioned out of iridescent jet and magically sealed by the sorcery of Saigon the sphere-walker. This mystic blade... more
Today, I've got a four-part table for finding out what kind of stupid hat that gnome is wearing. I'll include this in my forthcoming book How to Game Master like a Fucking... more
I put on my DVD of The Dark Crystal this morning for my 3 1/2 year old. Watching the gelflings, I thought... why not elf females? The elven women of Kyrra are born with... more
Voila, the Pumpkin Giant - with stats for 5E by Luka Rejec huge giant, chaotic neutral Encounter: 1, 1d8 in hell-pumpkin crater AC: 13, HP: 100 (10d12 + 35), Speed 40,... more
Thought about calling this article, "No time for love, Dr. Jones." Oh well, I'll save that title for another day. Sometimes, you want to jump into a 5th edition D... more
...The oathbroken demon path character class is appropriate when a paladin has intentionally forsaken his vows and is guided onto a far darker path. Like a wicked shepherd... more
Savage GM does a video review of my latest book.
Sometimes, it's fun to be surprised. Not like when a tribe of Lizardmen marches into your camp while you're buttering up a busty blonde hireling. No, I'm talking about when the... more