5th edition

I was reading some of the RPG reviews on my friend Thilo's endzeitgeist site, particularly this one... and I had an idea. Why not create a multi-category random table to... more
If you must know, the idea came from here. I intend to do a weekly series of d6 random tables without any thought to their subject, topic, or reason for existing. Though... more
Today, I've got a four-part table for finding out what kind of stupid hat that gnome is wearing. I'll include this in my forthcoming book How to Game Master like a Fucking... more
Haven't seen the movie (I'm sure it's right up there with The Godfather and Bio-Dome), but I do know an awesome new monster when I see one. Zombie beaver, you're ready to do... more
In the previous aeon, when sorcery was inextricably linked with the darkness of the void and the cold, reptilian cruelty of our former snake-men masters, ephemeral twin was born... more
Hey, guys! Venger Satanis here. How's it going? More importantly, how's your Game Mastery? I'm writing a book on how to Game Master better. It's called How to Game Master... more
I was reminiscing about the session of D... more
Shit happens when you're out adventuring. There's you and your comrades vs. the enemy, but every once in awhile, something else creeps in, becoming a minor or major issue,... more
Not only should GMs get paid to run games, players should consider buying life insurance for their characters. Otherwise... well, let the dice fall where they may. Kodarr hath... more
I've long been a fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics and its Mighty Deeds rule. While GMs can routinely encourage players to fully describe their actions and think outside the box, it'... more
I've been doing it this way for years and years. Everyone rolls a d20, adds, their dexterity and any initiative bonus modifiers they might have, tells me their number, I record... more
Page 242 of the new Dungeons... more