Starships, Cyborgs, and Lasers

Weirdly, today's random table actually serves a purpose. I was asking for suggestions and Curt Meyer made a good point. In the Alpha Blue sourcebook Girls Gone Rogue, there's... more
Elvehjem Azahd Within the Interstellar Caliphate, most space Muslims are peaceful, Allah worshiping citizens of the universe. Unfortunately, roughly a third were radicalized... more
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out, and now I've finally seen it - review coming soon. Alpha Blue also debuted on December 18th. Alpha Blue is a vintage sci-fi RPG, campaign... more
Yes, now there's a revised, expanded, and updated version of the famous West End Games d6 Star Wars Roleplaying Game! This massive, 500+ page, full-color behemoth does the old... more