Metagaming: Beyond the Game

I was talking with my friend Joseph Hines about Death Race: Fury Road. Basically, he was saying that it's fairly lethal and surviving depends on pure luck rather than any... more
This article is the third and last Alpha Blue installment (for awhile, at least). So, you checked out Alpha Blue, liked what you saw, and purchased the sci-fi RPG equivalent of... more
There’s a Game Mastering technique which I’d advise against using on a regular basis. This technique should be used sparingly, if at all. I call it “leading the witness.”... more
[This template, originally published on will be included in Universal Exploits, an upcoming supplement for Alpha Blue] Few Space Dungeon Masters out there are... more
Even though I don't currently make any money directly, I consider myself a professional Game Master. However, running games is an extension of my writing, designing, and self-... more
Part of my research for Alpha Blue was watching a whole bunch of science fiction. The Joss Whedon tv show Firefly was one of them. Midway through the series, there was an... more
Lately, I've been hearing a lot of buzz regarding die drop tables. Just for fun and because my oldest daughter (4 1/2) is into drawing, coloring, and creating things, I tried... more
I've been doing it this way for years and years. Everyone rolls a d20, adds, their dexterity and any initiative bonus modifiers they might have, tells me their number, I record... more
Page 242 of the new Dungeons... more
I've been toying around with a new version of the Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic in 5e, an option which will be included in my upcoming adventure: Revelry in Torth. I was after... more
So, I was checking out the event listing for a gaming convention I'm attending this weekend, and I noticed a disturbing trend. Pretty much all the mainstream 5th edition D... more
Soon enough, I'll write a review for How to Run: an Advanced Guide to Managing Role-Playing Games by Alexis D. Smolensk. I'm less than 50 pages into it, so even a post of my... more