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You may want to read my interview with the author to better understand the creativity infused within Yoon-Suin. There's an old Chinese proverb that goes something like this, "... more
I had the pleasure of interviewing noisms who recently self-published a campaign setting of languid prose and exotic curiosities known as Yoon-Suin the Purple Land. Sadly, it was... more
A couple years ago, back when I was eagerly acquiring OSR RPGs, I saw something about FH... more
After purchasing the hardcover Fantastic Heroes... more
Specifically, this is a review of Delving Deeper Reference Rules Compendium by Simon J. Bull, published via Immersive Ink. However, what I'm writing goes for pretty much every... more
Savage GM does a video review of my latest book.
Leafing through the book, my first impression: Strong enough for a Dwarf but made for a Wood Elf. Undeniably, it's pretty. Everything is very colorful, tasteful, respectful... more