Zelda is NOT an RPG III

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Zelda is NOT an RPG III

Zelda is NOT an RPG. For some people this was self-evident. For others, the idea takes some time to get used to. In the first part of this series, I discussed how Zelda lacked the mechanics of an RPG. It's not an RPG at all. It's an action-adventure game. Then, in the second part, I directly compared Zelda to the game play of a traditional RPG and showed (easily) that button-pushing is not role-playing. Clearly, no video game is a true RPG.

Now, in this last part, I'm going to deal with the idea that a games that have "RPG elements" are RPG's themselves. Dumping my customary response, the "Retarded Monkey RPG", I will instead declare Monopoly an RPG and show how absurd the idea is.

Monopoly : The RPG

(special note: heavy sarcasm ahead)

Most people consider Monopoly to be a board game. Heh. Shows how little you know. If you look just a bit closer you will see that Monopoly has RPG elements — and therefore is an RPG (according to the same people who think Zelda is an RPG).

In Monopoly, You Play A Role

Yes, that's right. More than being a toss of the dice and moving your game piece, you play a role. You play the role of a businessman attempting to gain a monopoly in land development while other players, who are playing the same role, try to achieve the same goal.

Monopoly Has RPG Elements

First, your 'character' has stats. Actually, he has one RPG stat, money. Instead, like Pokemon, he has other things that allow for a more normal RPG game experience. Much like Ash has various Pokemon, the land developer of Monopoly has — land. And just like Pokemon, you gotta' get em all (or try your best.)

The land in Monopoly has one feature that makes the game rise well above a standard board game. It levels up. If you apply enough money (experience) to the land, it "levels up" and "evolves" into more profitable land for you, and more dangerous land for your opponents.

This is All Very Silly

As you can see, if you absolutely want to, you can declare anything an RPG.

What is a Video Game RPG?

A video game RPG is a video game based on the mechanics of traditional table-top RPGs. Since there can be no actual role-playing in video games, video game RPGs lifts ONLY the mechanics and encounters from their older, wiser brothers. Any video game that does not fit this definition is NOT an RPG.

Video games that feature so-called 'RPG elements' are not RPGs at all, but video games that are being put in a box where they do not belong.

I hope this is the last time I have to write about this.

(it wasn't)