What's your favorite edition of D&D?

Come for the poll, stay for the quasi-religious arguments and personal preferences stated generally!


I think this is going to be the site's 1st comment. We had some registration troubles earlier today (difficult to read sidebars, too), but now it looks like we've got a handle on stuff.

My two quotes of the day...

"I don't know tech stuff." ~ Kyle Reese

And, "Birth is always painful." Herbert West

For some reason, maybe it was the art by Jeff Dee, Bill Willingham, Erol Otus, or Larry Elmore, I always liked the Basic/Expert and BECMI books the best. To this day I play a homebrew hybrid of Basic & Advanced, with some Holmes thrown in for good measure.

That's a winning cocktail of awesome! Even though I've been bit by the 5e bug, you can't go wrong with the old school source material. I appreciate the comment.

I still have my old players handbook signed by players.