The Za'akier

As you may have already heard, I'm a transhumanist who's recently become full-blown za'akier.

So, it only makes sense that I post a write-up of that species for your anti-apologist Alpha Blue game. Here goes nothing...


* You're humanoid, but with green skin and tentacles from the planet Za'akierean.

* You get advantage on dice pools where your natural shamelessness comes into play.

* You get disadvantage on dice pools when dealing non-violently with social justice warriors.

* Every time you say or do something provocative, outrageous, or toxicringy (why yes, I did just invent a new word... thanks for noticing) in front of others, you immediately get a bonus d6. This extra die can be spent whenever the character wishes. However, the maximum d6 that can be saved up is three.


Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing!

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Authored by Venger Satanis


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