World Walker

The World Walker, also known as Sphere Strider, is a new character class for Crimson Dragon Slayer. I'm posting the write-up here, in celebration of Crimson Dragon Slayer day (July 11th), as a sort of beta-test. Use it, abuse it, see how she flies, and let me know your results. Thanks to Norbert G. Matausch (Analogkonsole) for his suggestion. Artwork by Clayman84.

So, what is a world walker and what can he do? Have you ever read the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny? Imagine an infinite number of worlds. There's a world just like ours except instead of having eggs for breakfast you had french toast. A sphere strider moves through these unlimited worlds as if they were nothing more than shadows.

It might appear that there's only one world, a single reality and that reality is being changed slightly. However, that's not the case. Rather, the old world is falling away as a brand new world - more in line with the world walker's will - comes into view.

The sphere strider's special ability allows him to make subtle changes to the world around him but not himself. Insignificant changes are usually easy to perform, with attempts going for 3d6. Moderate changes go for 2d6. Substantial changes at 1d6.

This power is limited by willpower. Insignificant changes drain 1 point of willpower. Moderate changes drain 3 points. Substantial changes drain 7. Willpower is recovered after 8 hours of inactivity, rest and relaxation, or sleep.

So, what constitutes the three grades of willpower expenditure?

Here are examples of insignificant changes: turning the sky from partly cloudy to overcast, changing a red glove to a purple glove or a velvet glove to leather, making a ruby a sapphire, or bedding a woman who is already interested in exploring a physical relationship with you.

Examples of moderate changes: turning a long sword into a short sword or even a battleaxe, water into wine, stumbling over an important clue, running into an individual you were hoping to meet, the cloak you're wearing giving resistance to poison.

Examples of substantial changes: healing a companion's wounds at triple the usual rate of time, replicating a wizard's spell - which cannot be of a higher level than the sphere strider, turning night into day, and folding space between great distances (no more than 1 day's journey instantaneously traversed per level).

Important information: Besides not directly affecting yourself (such as becoming super strong), you cannot alter the past or the future, only the present. Changes occur within 2d6 rounds and generally last for an entire scene, at which point the world walker loses his purchase on that shadow and slips back into his home world. This special ability is not for manipulating game mechanics directly but the narrative flow. Players should strive to influence the story rather than dice, numbers, and the frequency of special abilities and powers.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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