Whimsical Wednesday

This is the start of a weekly article where I (and hopefully others) will post something whimsical you can use in your tabletop fantasy roleplaying game. Because D&D is about more than just slaying monsters and looting their bodies. Here goes nothing...

So, I was out with my wife, kids, and parents at Pizza Ranch the other night. They have a little cup of crayons and paper to color on so the kids have something to do before and after they've eaten.

Well, I was looking down at an interesting crayon whose color intrigued me. It was called "mauvelous". Yes, mauvelous! That sent my mind into overdrive!

During the party's next journey or time spent in the city, they run across a curious gnome wearing stylish, if effeminate, shades of purple - some pastel, some deep, all fashionable. He asks one of the PCs a riddle: what is the most wondrous purple in all the world?

Eventually, after the PCs have answered and failed or given up trying, he will respond with "mauvelous". This gnome is really, really impressed with his rapier wit... to the point where he starts shouting "mauvelous" like it was the punchline to the universe's best joke. Then, he'll proceed to do a little dance.

Depending on how the PCs take this, the gnome could do any number of things: 1) give a random PC a kiss on both cheeks, 2) star throwing copper pieces at one or more PCs, 3) try to poke a random PC in the eye, or 4) convince a random PC that he or she should change their name to "mauvelous".

Before violence can break out, the gnome vanishes in a puff of mauve-colored smoke, never to be seen again... unless the DM wants to use the gnome again several sessions down the road.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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