We Can Use That!

I was reading some of the RPG reviews on my friend Thilo's endzeitgeist site, particularly this one... and I had an idea.

Why not create a multi-category random table to accommodate all (ok, most of) the possibilities for "monster scraps?" You know, those bits and pieces from various creatures that could be extracted and used for something.

The first table is for determining which part of the monster is usable. The second lets the GM know how difficult it will be acquiring the part. The third ascribes a benefit. The fourth tells you how long it lasts.

I know what some of you may be thinking - if the adventurers kill some type of lizardman and I roll "wings," then... WTF?

Here are my suggestions: A) use it sparingly, like, only for some kind of end-of-session boss monster or legendary creature, and B) if you think "monster part looting" might come into play, roll either before or just as the monster is encountered. Think of your players' reactions when you describe a lizardman with wings, a levitating eye-beast with scorpion tail, or translucent ooze with a visible brain!

What Part of the Monster Is Worth Taking?

1. Blood
2. Bones
3. Wings
4. Scales
5. Mucus
6. Saliva
7. Horn
8. Hoof or foot
9. Feather
10. Fin
11. Brain
12. Slime
13. Tentacle
14. Flesh
15. Cerebral fluid
16. Internal organ
17. Egg
18. Eye
19. Teeth
20. Sexual organ
21. Sexual fluid
22. Hand, paw, or fingers
23. Stinger
24. Skull
25. Venom
26. Hair or furr
27. Tongue
28. Urine or feces
29. Soul, spirit, or essence
30. Circuit board

Removal Difficulty

1. You can just pluck it out.
2. It takes a fair amount of time and energy.
3. It has to be blessed and/or removed by a priest, or else it's not "kosher."
4. Acquiring it requires sorcery.

Why Take It?

1. Spell enhancement
2. Spell diminishment
3. Invisibility
4. Virility
5. Healing
6. Cure disease
7. Curse removal (1 - 3), cursing someone (4 - 6)
8. Poisonous
9. Culinary delight
10. Protection (1 - 5), purification (6)
11. Weapon enhancement
12. Increased ability... 1) strength, 2) dexterity, 3) constitution, 4) intelligence, 5) wisdom, 6) charisma

How Long Does This Benefit Last?

1. Just a few minutes
2. An hour
3. A few hours
4. One day
5. A few days
6. 1d4 weeks

If you end up using this in your game, definitely let me know! Especially, if you want to try it out in conjunction with the FREE version of Crimson Dragon Slayer!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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