VSd6 Rule Upgrade

Consider this an edition upgrade to every one of my roleplaying games that uses the VSd6 system - The Outer Presence, Alpha Blue, and Crimson Dragon Slayer.

If you prefer the standard d20 type of game (bastards), keep reading because I've got a fix for you guys, too.

Basically, I love not being tied to skills, class features and abilities, and any kind of pick and choose or you'll get there eventually list of special things you can do. But, on the other hand, it's nice to have a prompt built into the mechanics, allowing PCs to do something awesome every once in awhile.

I don't know about you guys, but I've been involved in hundreds of games where one or two players just seemed to be fucking cursed - they can't roll a success to save their life (sometimes literally)! Getting an auto-success baked into the rules makes that dude's session less sucky.

Without further ado...

Each player-character can successfully pull-off a profession related and genre appropriate stunt once per session without having to roll. This special ability rejuvenates when a player's dice pool rolls double or triple-sixes (and may be used at the time of his choosing).

* Those using a d20 refresh their ability to pull-off stunts when rolling a natural 20.

Here's an example: you're playing a fantasy RPG and the wizard wants to deflect a beholder's eye-blast right back at the ugly, spherical son of a bitch. If that's the first time he's pulled-off a stunt this session (or he recently rolled boxcars), then it happens just like the player intended (more or less).

The players and GM should use their best judgement for this rule to work well. Can't be too powerful and it can't be too unbelievable. But everything else is fair game.

For instance, if the wizard wanted to pull out a chainsaw from his robes - and it's not that kind of game - then forget about it. Breaking immersion is something we want to avoid.

If a monk wants to use a five-fingered death punch on a dragon, then I'd say nope. However, if he used it on some unarmored noble walking down the street, then why not? You just murdered an aristocrat in public. Nice work, monk! Oh look, your companions are already trying to subdue you in order to collect the reward that will surely be offered for your capture.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing. [edit: I've since revised the upgrade and included it in the Alpha Blue adventure Save Yourself From Hell]


Authored by Venger Satanis


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