VS interviewed by KS Backer

So, the the Cha'alt kickstarter has less than 55 hours to go (at the time of writing this).

It's an exciting time in elf-games, and I'm overjoyed to participate in this contact-sport of the imagination!

A backer, John M. Portley, asked me a bunch of great questions. Here they are, below, along with my answers...

Firstly, who are you, what is the day job that keeps you fed and housed, and how do you explain the chaos within your particular skull and your need to put the result of that warring neuron in-fighting into stories and RPGs?

I'm Venger Satanis (my RPG writing pseudonym), the dude behind Kort'thalis Publishing, and let's just say my day job is "real estate."

How do I explain the chaos within my skull? I'm not sure I can. It's just there. I was born with it. Everybody has some talent, something that makes them special. I have a knack for creative writing; maybe I was born to create weird scenes, random tables, and tentacle smut for other people to interpret and imagine with friends?

Would you tell us the elements that make Cha'alt's post-apocalyptic world different? What is the history that leads us to this time for adventurers? What are some of the different regions and socio-political factions?

The destruction of civilization came about because the Great Old Ones were angry that the people turned their backs on superstition. Instead of practicing magic and worshiping slumbering Gods, virtually everyone on Cha'alt's surface was enjoying the fruits of high technology.

The apocalypse is fairly recent. It happened only 93 years ago. So, there are many tie-ins with the past. Remember that giant ship in the sand at the beginning of The Force Awakens? That's just what a Tuesday looks like in the desert wasteland of S'kbah.

Many territories exist, each with their own way of doing things. And the black pyramid has its own factions, as well. I'm working on new ones all the time.

Having just finished writing Beneath Kra'adumek, there are the purple-robed worshipers of the Demon-Worm and a faction who wants to take power for themselves. Not only because being in power is good, but they believe the color violet should be exalted over purple.

Without giving away spoilers, what is the Great Pyramid of Cha'alt, and what is rumored to be contained within? How long has this structure [or creature] been on this world, and what has the interaction been with the locals?

That's the black pyramid. Many things are rumored to be inside - armies, spawn of the Gods, cities, an intersection between space, time, and reality, as well as, a fabulous treasure!

The black pyramid has been around for thousands of years. It's the oldest structure, partly because it was not built by the primitive ancestors of Cha'alt's people. It's origin is totally alien to Cha'alt.

Some fear it, others lust after what's inside. Many see it as the greatest wonder on Cha'alt. A thousand prophecies mention the black pyramid and what it might contain... and how it will determine Cha'alt's future.

What, exactly, is a purple demon worm and where did it come from? Would it make a good base for a soup, you know, once one gets pass the stupefying mind control and hordes of minions, and find a way to hack it into spoon-sized pieces?

If you had cut one of Cha'alt's smaller moons in half and scooped it out, you'd have the perfect sized bowl for Purple Demon-Worm soup. And I'm sure it would taste... delicious.

I have an idea for a "dungeoncrawl" inside Kra'adumek (the Demon-Worm, not the city). That's been done before, but only a handful of times. So, I'm convinced I can make it a unique experience.

Are the Old Gods still awake?

Some are fully awake, others fitfully slumbering. Either they awoke briefly and went back to sleep or never fully woke up a century ago and are only stirring now.

What is the concept of the first adventure that will be in the quick start?

Ah yes, Beneath Kra'adumek. As you alluded, the Purple Demon-Worm has all the citizens of that city mind-controlled. A solar storm rips through Cha'alt, very near the City of the Purple Worm and a few dozen people (the PCs included) have their own will return. The best place to go before making the journey through S'kbah is the dungeon complex underneath the city.

It's a pretty cool dungeoncrawl featuring little bits of history, world building, neat encounters, factions, and gives people an idea of what the rest of Cha'alt will be like.

Do you see further expansion of the world of Cha'alt through future source books? What is the likelihood of an adventurer meeting with an alien? …traveling to orbiting space stations? …finding the Old Gods?

I want to focus on this book first, and then who knows?

The likelihood is pretty high of meeting an alien, either humanoid or something that's just bizarre. If you "find" an Old God, then either start worshiping it like you've never worshiped an Old God before or kiss your sand-covered ass goodbye!

Finally, your output to date, and the description of Cha'alt, just exudes creativity. I joined the Kickstarter immediately, and wish it, and all of your projects, a great success. It is a joy to see each new opus.

Thank you! This is my 17th kickstarter and I've enjoyed every project I've undertaken, some more than others, but Cha'alt should prove to be my biggest and best endeavor to date. I'm incredibly excited to share my post-apocalyptic, eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy vision with gamers all over the world.


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