Verge Fungoid

The verge fungoid is a shambling, lavender grey-green humanoid-shaped plant, similar to strains of violet fungus.

These creatures grow in magic-rich places. They are particularly fond of grottoes where darkest sorcery has recently been cast. Generally, fungoids of all types are found in groups of three, but no one has ever been able to determine the reason.

Verge fungoids despise animal-based lifeforms. Their chief goal is to institute a plantocracy where animals are subjugated by vegetation. Because their spores continually float through the air, perpetuating their race, verge fungoids do not fear death. This makes them especially tenacious in battle.

During combat, this species of fungoid shoots large spines from their fungal appendages. Additionally, their spores can be a weapon. This is called the verge mote - poisonous particles which, as a side effect, cause fear in lifeforms with a central nervous system.

Verge Fungoid

HD: 5 AC: 11 [8] Attack Bonus: +2 #Attack: 1 Damage: 1d6 (spine projectiles up to 20'), plus verge mote.

Special: The weaponized verge mote afflicts everyone within a 30' radius for 2d4 damage / round (save for half). All humanoids instinctively feel a preternatural dread with a 1 in 6 chance of the fear being so overwhelming that an individual runs away screaming.

Treasure: Sagacious magic-users can distill a liquid from verge fungoid corpses, giving their spells an eldritch aspect.

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& Venger Satanis

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