Vampires... but funny

As promised, here's an article on how to run Blood Dark Thirst like a parody of vampire media. The key to lighthearted, silly, funny, comedic, and humorous RPG sessions, akin to What We Do In The Shadows, is humanizing the characters.

Take a second to focus on the cliche of rising from a coffin, stalking poorly-lit streets, singling out a victim, and drinking her blood. Now that we're lingering on the details, how can we make them seem more realistic and less cinematic which usually skips over the unglamorous stuff we're trying to emphasize?

Is the interior of the coffin stained with nacho cheese? Does the vampire trip over a pothole because he chose a darkened street? Just when the victim is alone and within reach, maybe he's assaulted by several girl scouts who demand their overdue payment. When the blood is bring sucked, does some of it goes up the vampire's nose?

Little things like that can add up to big laughs. Below is a random table for determining little idiosyncrasies your vampire has. They'll make it easier to roleplay him while creating that vibe conducive to humor.

Interesting Facts About Your Vampire

1. Your best friend is a human.
2. Your ex is a prominent vampire known as "the blood widow."
3. You're secretly in love with a vampire hunter.
4. You're allergic to silver.
5. Your sire was a huge jackass.
6. You get off on cowering before crucifixes.
7. You have really small fangs.
8. You're ashamed to admit that Vamp is your favorite movie and you've seen it 27 times.
9. You're a fashion victim.
10. You're more comfortable sleeping in the sewers.
11. You drive around in a Cadillac hearse from the 1970's and it's constantly breaking down.
12. Unless it's an emergency, you only bite women's feet.


I hope you enjoyed this post on humanizing vampires for comedic effect. Having a lightweight system helps, too. Why don't you try Blood Dark Thirst?


Authored by Venger Satanis


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