Thyreen: Purple Islands NPC

"The purple islands are not done with me, nor have I finished with them."

The beautiful half-elf Thyreen ran wild and free upon the purple islands only a year ago. She was captured with the intention of a quick and easy sale, being that she was from such an exotic and dangerous place. Unfortunately for the man who subdued her, Thyreen sold neither quickly nor easily... however, the sale made the slaver rich. It appears that humanoids taken from the purple islands are believed to be cursed... or, at the very least, bad luck.

One month ago, Thyreen was purchased for 10,000 gold pieces by a masked merchant from the mainland. This nefarious merchant needed a sacrifice for his god - some bizarre reflection of the well-known demon god K'tulu. The fact that Thyreen had been a priestess of sorts boded well for his dark purposes.

Thyreen used her charms to delay the sacrifice. One night, she seduced one of the merchant's guards and made her escape in a stolen boat - back to the purple islands!

The masked merchant and his guards search for her and will probably never stop looking for Thyreen, his key to opening the gates.

Thyreen (7th level half-elf cleric)

HP: 40

AC: 12 [7]

Attack Bonus: +3

# Attacks: 2

Damage: 1d8+2 (scimitar)

Alignment: Neutral, though she may be devoted to one or more Dark Gods.

Motivation: She has a secret agenda, probably working with another prominent NPC on the islands.

Special: This half-elf is wily, dexterous, and strong; she picked up scimitar proficiency and two-weapon fighting from her former master (now deceased).


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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