Syresh Vos: outer rim crime lord

Crime is universal. Wherever there are sentient beings, there will be some kind or law and order... as well as the reverse - criminal activity.

One can point to as many paths to criminality as stars in the void, but only a select few ascend to become crime lords. Alpha Blue proudly welcomes its latest badass motherfucking NPC!

Syresh Vos was born on an obscure, outer rim planet, making a name for himself in the gladiatorial games of Ush'kawa, graduating to the ignoble profession of bounty hunter, and finally striking out on his own as the man behind the crime wave of Tertiary 3.

Syresh Vos is leader of the Soltar Crime Syndicate and best melee combatant in the galaxy, which is why he's regarded as one of the longest, deepest, and most painful thorns in the Federation's side. Additionally, Vos is a known associate and sometime rival of both Grabba the Butt and Darth Facepalm.

The personal equipment of Syresh Vos includes his trademark vibrospear, personal energy shield mounted to his armor from a scrapped droideka, and an impulse jetpack allowing him to quickly close the distance between himself and his prey.

The following are some "fun facts" about Syresh Vos...

  • He built his vibrospear based on sonic vibration technology that he stole from the desert revolutionary More Deep, aka the messiah of P'oon.
  • His impulse jetpack used to be a common leaf blower.
  • He has a harem of beautiful, exotic women... and he's in an exclusive relationship with all of them.
  • His "dead eye" is actually a gift from the crystalline reptilians of Q'uerrek, giving Vos the ability to literally see the fear in those he faces.
  • The outer rim crime lord's favorite food is chicken asteroids with szechuan sauce and favorite drink is Purple Prizm (no ice!)

Syresh Vos, outer rim crime lord

Level: 10 Health: 70 Armor: 3 # of Attacks: 2 Attack Dice Pool: 4

Special: due to the energy shielding built into his armor, opponents attacking Vos must lower their attack dice pool by 1d6.

Treasure: besides all the gear Vos carries with him, his access crystal has 3d6 x 1,000 credits available.


Original character concept by Charles Xavier Conley - Ebony Warrior Studios


Authored by Venger Satanis


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