The Sounds They Make

The first S'rulyan Vault PDF accompanying the dungeon map contained several random tables for determining stuff like what humanoids are up to when PCs encounter them.

While that tells a lot of the story, there's something left out - how loud they're being! If you think about it, doesn't matter if orcs are having sex, dark elves are cooking, hobgoblins are sleeping, or a dwarf is taking a piss... that stuff could potentially be happening softly or noisily.

Even though this has been a continual problem (albeit a minor one), creating a sub-system for determining audibility didn't occur to me until I read Jeff Rients' blog post containing a solution.

Since I love handling things with a quick roll of a d6 (just didn't need that many results), I followed suit. This d4 table will appear in the upcoming (now available) S'rulyan Vault II!

Dungeon Fidelity

1. Quiet as a mouse, the unsheathing of an assassin's dagger, a sleeper who doesn't snore
2. Stage whisper, hushed tones, low murmuring, water dripping
3. Normal conversation, cultists chanting, bed squeeking
4. Raised voices, shouting, the din battle or a crowded feast-hall, sounding an alarm


I actually used this several times in today's OSR D&D campaign. If you happen to use it, let us know!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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