Snadq'ua: The Penis Showing Game

I posted something on my RPG blog about the 2005 movie Waiting... and got a little bit of feedback.

In one of the upcoming scenarios for Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars, I'm going to introduce the Alpha Blue version of The Penis Showing Game.

Snadq'ua: meat-gazer; one who gazes at meat; one who stares at male genitalia; possibly, but not necessarily, a homosexual.

The object of the game is to get someone, preferably another male, to inadvertently look directly at your dick and balls. If they do, you get to call them a snadq'ua and the meat-gazer has to forfeit a certain number of MeowMeowBeenz (depending on the difficulty of the penis/testicle maneuver).

For instance, just pulling down your pants and showing your dick and balls will only get you 20 MeowMeowBeenz. Moves like the space bat or star goat will earn you 50 or 100 MeowMeowBeenz, respectively.

Actual game mechanics will be set forth in due time. For now, just revel in the mid 2000 raunch-comedy and sleazy sci-fi blend that is Snadq'ua: The Penis Showing Game!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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