Six weird adventures

Sophia Brandt won the contest (for her review of How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss) and got to name the topic of a d6 table for me to write. "Weird adventures" was all she said. You know that wasted space in the 5th edition DM screen? Put this in its place.

Let's get to it...

Weird Adventures

1. Just before the King threw himself off the parapet of his castle, he tasked the adventuring party with going back in time to sever and destroy every monkey paw in the realm.

2. The adventuring party must forge an alliance between demon and elf in order to serve some unknown purpose (it will create a strong counter-alliance between the humans, dwarves, etc. capable of eradicating both infernal and elven kind in the realm).

3. Whoever wakes the daughter of legendary vampire Alucard shall inherit his evil temple full of magic items. (She can only be woken by an adventurer who makes love to her)

4. An underwater city below the southern isles is about to be devoured by an oceanic demon. It would be a shame for the city's well-known artifact (a scepter of godlike power) to be swallowed up by the leviathan and lost forever.

5. A sentient sword wielded by someone in the adventuring party speaks of another intelligent and magical sword that just entered this plane of existence.

6. El Amigos de Tres (Mariachi band and heroic gunfighters, as well) must be rescued from the seventeen-headed serpent of Hasahn!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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