Sinister Cinema

A couple years ago, I ordered some old weird DVDs from Sinister Cinema. So naturally, they send me a quarterly catalog filled with forgotten gems both horrendous and sublime (occasionally both).

The following list is a brief synopsis of films contained within their latest catalog. Even if I'm not looking to buy any new movies, it's still fun to read and imagine all sorts of craziness.

My hope is that these 10 summaries will inspire your next adventure... or at least a mildly disturbing dream.

1. Terminal Island (1974): Terminal Island is a prison island where inmates run free and are so bad they've been declared legally dead by the Feds. They're mostly hardened killers, the majority of whom are men. However there are also a few lusty, busty, tough, seductive babes. What follows is a study in violence, sex, and depravity.

2. Day the Earth Froze (1959): A top Euro-fantasy about a witch who steals the sun and causes almost everything on Earth to freeze. Also featured are magic harps, fields of snakes, a wizard, and a magic mill.

3. The Devil's Partner (1958): A strange man comes to claim his inheritance in a small desert town and brings along with him satanic rites, evil spells, and death! He also has occasion to change himself into various wild animals when killing off his enemies!

4. The Monkey's Paw (1948): A man comes into possession of a withered, but magical paw of a dead monkey. From this paw he is bestowed three wishes. On his first wish, the man wishes to be debt-free. The wish is granted, but at the cost of his son's life. On the next wish, the man's wife wishes for her son to be returned to life - but the price is truly horrible.

5. Horrors of Spider Island (1959): Hilarious schlock about a planeload of models that crashes on a jungle island. Their boss is bitten by a giant spider and turned into a hairy monster.

6. Sin You Sinners (1963): Dian is a has-been burlesque dancer who gets her hands on an ancient amulet that enables her to project youthfulness. The patrons then see her as a beautiful babe, instead of the flabby hag she's becoming. Through the amulet's magic, she's also able to control those around her like they were zombies.

7. At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (1964): An engaging horror film about a maniacal gravedigger who is greatly feared by the local villagers. He murders a number of people in sadistic fashion - all in his quest to find a woman to bear him a son. A gypsy tells him he will die on the day of the dead, when his victims will rise from the grave and take his soul.

8. House of Terrors (1965): A woman's husband dies and leaves her a haunted mansion in his will. When the widow arrives at the estate (a gloomy, gothic mansion) she finds a gnarled hunchback acting as caretaker. Her late husband's father and several others arrive. They witness many supernatural happenings, including strange voices, doors opening and slamming, ghostly laughter, howling winds, and the crows... there are crows everywhere. In one fine moment, the widow suddenly sees the images of a past murder playing out as dancing shadows thrust upon the wall by the light of the fireplace flames. What are the secrets of the cobweb-filled basement and the graves found within the weed-choked grounds of the estate? When the dead husband's mistress shows up demanding money, social intrigue is soon intermixed with supernatural terror. From this point on it's one horror after another.

9. The Haunted Castle (1969): An evil lord covets the sister of a blind monk. When the monk refuses, the lord promptly bashes him in the head and kills him. He then gives orders for the sister to forfeit her castle. The sister, craving revenge, commits hara-kiri. As she dies, she implores her black cat to drink her blood, which will turn the creature into a powerful supernatural entity, craving revenge.

10. The Beast of the Yellow Night (1971): A wacked-out disciple of the Devil is able to absorb evil from the souls of the people he murders. He eventually turns into a horrible monster and ravages the countryside.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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