Ship-to-Ship Combat

Weirdly, today's random table actually serves a purpose. I was asking for suggestions and Curt Meyer made a good point.

In the Alpha Blue sourcebook Girls Gone Rogue, there's a random table on page 37 for starships fighting each other.

Result #8 was a bit of fun... but let's be honest, it's pretty limited in scope.

That's precisely why I've come up with this d6 sub-table as a substitute. I'm sure it'll find its way into Universal Exploits. Enjoy!

Ship to Ship Combat Alternatives

1. There was an open can of Tab on their ship's console. Now, it's spilled all over the controls. Sparks shoot out of the panel, doing 1d6 damage to a random member of the crew.

2. One of the crew is distracted by the mess resulting from a recent cream pie incident. Their ship misses its next turn.

3. Gyroscope hit! Their ship is heading right for you. Both ships roll 1d6. There's a 2 in 6 chance for each ship that it's been heavily damaged, needing extensive repairs before she's serviceable again.

4. Blu-Stream down! I repeat, the ship's Blu-Stream is down! No more televised news, no more reality TV, no more premium cable programming. Worst of all... no more porn! It's going to take 2d6 hours for the auto-repair system to fix the Blu-Stream. Good thing you didn't get rid of all those Space Hustler magazines!

5. Laser bars on the fritz... anyone in the brig goes free!

6. Someone's waterbed sprang a leak. Careful walking between sections - slippery when wet.


As always, if you end up using this in a game, tell us about it!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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