Second Chances

I was talking with my friend Joseph Hines about Death Race: Fury Road.

Basically, he was saying that it's fairly lethal and surviving depends on pure luck rather than any kind of strategy, tactic, or advantage based on character traits. And he's totally right. It is and it does.

That got me thinking about all the things PCs encounter that don't take strategy, tactics, and advantages into account. There has to be millions of little systems, sub-systems, and game mechanic conflicts (like save or die) that ignore PC actions because of one reason or another.

The following random table gives PCs a second chance to succeed... or merely survive. Allow players to roll when they've provided the GM with a sufficient reason for cheating either death or catastrophic failure.

Warning: this should be used sparingly! Applying this table more than, say, once per player per session could turn the GM's compassion into a crutch.

This is your Second Chance

1. Accept your terrible fate.
2. It's still pretty fucking bad, but at least you're alive and/or not totally screwed.
3. Through sheer willpower and resourcefulness, you minimize the fallout.
4. Safe! Clearly, you're destined for greater things.


If you end up using this in one or more of your games, definitely let me know what happened. Thanks for reading and share this where you can. ;)


Authored by Venger Satanis


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