Not Your Species (The Morning After)

I've been watching Star Trek Discovery on DVD and am about halfway through season one.

They've introduced the concept of inter-species sex and the mixed feelings that can bring. So, I decided to create a random table.

Roll on the following table after the first time you've had sex with an entirely new alien species...

Regrets, I've Had A Few

1. Revulsion, self-loathing, fear/hatred towards that species [roll 1d6 again, if the result is another "1", feelings accompanied by suicidal thoughts].
2. For sanity's sake, your mind blocked pretty much all of it out. Every once in awhile, you have flashbacks - glimpsing moments of your carnal interaction, but it soon fades like a strange dream.
3. Looking back, you're kind of skeeved or squicked by the whole thing, but it really wasn't that bad. You might even try it again - after several drinks.
4. You know... sex. It was fun, but no big deal.
5. It felt somehow better or more "natural" than sex with your own kind.
6. You're rather obsessed - now, you just want to have more - a lot more - sex with that particular species. Congrats on having a new fetish! Add an additional 1d4 temporary Health (beyond the standard 1d6) each time you have sex involving that species.


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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