Natazah: Purple Islands NPC

She's damaged goods. At least, that's what her ex-pimp used to say about her. Maybe that's why she put a short sword into his ribs.

Natazah has been on the purple islands for several years. She knows the lay of the land and is a survivor. Her luxurious, purple and violet locks aid her in seducing men looking for a little island action. Can you blame them? She's fucking hot, dude!

This mercenary minx has a few Purple Putrescence worshipers wrapped around her little finger. When Natazah wants something out of reach, she asks her "purple puppets" to help her get it. Better hope she doesn't want you dead. Those fanatics will do pretty much anything to find out once and for all if the curtains match the drapes!

Natazah (4th level fighter)

HP: 32

AC: 14 [5]

Attack Bonus: +2

Damage: 1d6 + 1 (magical short sword)

Alignment: She's out for her own.

Motivation: Influence. Natazah wants to be where the action is. She's a real mover and shaker - directing events instead of reacting to them. She doesn't like being the last to know. The most recent son-of-a-whore that withheld vital information from her died choking on his own blood. If anyone decides to write the history of the purple islands, she wants to be more than just a footnote.

Special: Her short sword is named Zanessa, fashioned out of amethyst and imbued with magical powers. Besides being a +1 weapon, the crystalline blade is sensitive to violent emotions. Zanessa glows purple when her wielder is being threatened (within a 30' radius).


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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