Manipulator of Outcomes

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The Pychostrategist

Pyschostrategists, occasionally referred to as puppeteers, are trained by one of the oldest schools for humanoid self-development.

You can tell a psychostrategist by the red stain on the crotch of his pants... though, no two stains are alike. Additional red stains occasionally appear elsewhere on the body - but always the crotch! Such a stain is the mark of quantum probability conceptualized.

The red stain comes from final psychostrategist exam. One must attach a spicy kool-aid tequila worm from the Habanero system to one's genitalia until it explodes in a slimy crimson mess - a mess which can never be cleansed!

So, what do psychostrategists do? In laymen's terms, they predict the future. Although, perhaps it is more accurate to say that psychostrategists subtly manipulate outcomes. They analyze little bits and pieces of data which ordinary folks wouldn't think twice about in order to see into the deep-truth of things.

How Does This Work In The Game?

At the beginning of the adventure (anytime between the scenario's start and just after the hook has been revealed), a puppeteer can foretell three "outcomes." These are oracular predictions of future events.

After such predictions are made, either the player or The Bold Dungeon Space Master rolls 1d6. If the result is anything but a "1," the outcome happens by the end of the session.

Ideally, the BDSM should adhere to both the letter and spirit of the prediction, but things being what they are, one or the other will suffice.


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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