Kodarr's Kommandments

Hail and well met, jackasses! In case you've forgotten... you stand upon the bloody sand of Kodarr's fighting pits. Actually, I don't think that's blood. More likely barbecue sauce.

Today, I'm going to answer an age-old question: how do you get players to roleplay without the kewl powerz crutch?

My answer: it's a combination of system, campaign, and GM.

1. The system has to abstain from doling out kewl powerz every second of the characters' lives.

2. Your campaign has to have enough going on so that players aren't constantly thinking about the kewl powerz they don't have.

3. You have to Game Master in such a way that players realize their characters can do awesome shit from time to time without it being written on their character sheet.

Here endeth the lesson, pig-dog. Now get the fuck out of my pit already. I've got death to deal.


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