Kodarr's Kommandments

Where's the variety of ale in fantasy RPG taverns?

Here in Wisconsin we've got a bar on every corner, and within many of these fine establishements they offer imported, domestic, craft beer, micro-brew, light, dark, porters, stouts, ales, blondes, brunettes, redheads, ciders, wine, shots (rail and top shelf), not to mention cocktails and exotic fruity drinks [editor - virgin piña colada... mmmm]. Even Zima!

So, when I venture into a medieval-style watering hole before heading off to the next dungeon, I expect more than three bloody choices! If I'm supposed to fight like a barbarian, then I aim to drink like one before the fighting starts.

Looks like I've got another empty mug. Fetch me another, you unsophisticated swine, before I fire you and promote the llama.


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