Kingdom of Ja'alette

From an outsider's perspective, the world of Cha'alt is divided into zones, each with their own... idiosyncrasies.

The Kingdom of Ja'alette is one such zone. It's a matriarchy ruled by a council of women, known as the Harmonious Validity, who've decreed that masculinity is inherently evil and those born male are inferior to females. Over the years, Ja'alette has culturally enslaved all the male humanoids within their borders.

Except for the lucky few, males are castrated and forced to serve a female master in order to eradicate the corrupting influence of testosterone, which the matriarchs despise.

Approximately 90% of the males in Ja'alette are eunuchs. The others are kept around for breeding purposes and combat sport in the gladiatorial arena.

Every day, a handful of males attempt to sneak out of the kingdom in search of a better life, both adolescents with their testicles still intact and eunuchs unwilling to remain second-class citizens.


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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