I haven't been active much this week. Everyone in my family came down with some kind of flu. Not cool!

I feel bad when I can't create and share those creations with my internet friends and fellow gamers. So, I decided on my first day back that this random table would be my first priority. Thanks to Kort'thalis Publishing g+ community member Moon Sylver for suggesting such an idea.

So, you're jacking-off, finger-banging, or straight-up fucking an alien and what happens when they orgasm? Let's find out!

Orgasmic Surprise

1. Translucent, viscous yellowish-green slime sprays out [2 in 6 chance it burns to the touch, resulting in 1d6 damage... also, the Old Ones and their servants know you are near with their eldritch telepathy].
2. Magenta mist wafts from the genitals [4 in 6 chance of putting those nearby in a euphoric daze].
3. Dark purple mucus oozes out [2 in 6 chance of causing a mutation, and 1 in 4 chance of temporarily granting psionic abilities].
4. Literal fireworks [everyone in the immediate area takes 1d6 damage].
5. Orange slime shoots all over the place [1 in 6 chance of actually melting you the fuck away].
6. Emerald-green blood spurts [nothing bad or weird happens, but 2 in 6 chance of it going into either the eyes or mouth... tastes like mint gum].
7. Yellow typhoon of gelatinous effluvium [2 in 6 chance of having a mystical or cosmic experience].
8. Squirting black water [opening lover's mind up to the void with 2 in 6 chance of being possessed by a inter-dimensional demon].
9. Sand! Sand? Yes, Sand! Where is all this sand coming from, and why is it getting absolutely EVERYWHERE?!? [2 in 6 chance per piece of nearby technology that it malfunctions because of all the sand and has to be repaired].
10. Blue flame wreathes around the genitals [3 in 6 chance of vitality infusion, providing a 1d6 boost to Health].
11. Colorless and non-corporeal ichor spatters upon all participants [2 in 6 chance of falling in love with current sexual partner].
12. The water of life [2 in 6 chance of being able to temporarily access a higher plane of consciousness, yielding both increased knowledge and power].


Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing! If you end up using this in your Alpha Blue game, definitely let me know.


Authored by Moon Sylver and Venger Satanis


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