The Gong of Tzema'ak

Created by a sorcerer living in the Meyang dynasty, the gong was fashioned from the bronze statue of a demon named Tzema'ak. Tzema'ak was worshiped as the god of prophecy, misfortune, and cataclysm.

That statue of the demon lord was a renowned oracle that predicted the fall of the Meyang dynasty and violent destruction of the region by volcanic eruption. As the royal palace was melting due to the rivers of molten lava, a nameless sorcerer fashioned the gong from Tzema'ak's statue and vanished to some unknown part of the world.

The flat, circular, metal disc is bronze and 9" in diameter. Suspended by two chains, the gong hangs within an oriental structure.

When the gong is struck three times, something terrible will happen. Some believe this instrument is cursed, while others perceive it as a powerful magic item that must be handled with care. To irresponsibly activate the Gong of Tzema'ak is to bring doom upon oneself and all in the vicinity.

The full resonance must be heard after the gong is struck with the attached mallet. Therefore, the effects cannot manifest before three rounds have transpired. On the fourth round, a red mist surrounds the gong and spreads throughout the entire area. The magical effect is brought with the ruby-red fog.

The following random table will determine the precise effects when activating the Gong of Tzema'ak. If a ritual sacrifice (humanoid) is made one-hour prior to sounding the gong, roll twice and let the gong's owner decide which of the two results occurs.

Powers of the Tzema'ak Gong

1. Some flesh-eating plague ravages everyone currently present within 100' of the gong. The plague takes about an hour for victims to die.

2. Water fills the entire area, eventually drowning everyone within 100' of the gong. The water takes approximately an hour to fill the necessary space.

3. A raging fire breaks out, burning everyone alive within minutes. If protected from fire, smoke inhalation will kill everyone within 100' of the gong after 20 minutes.

4. Everyone within 100' of the gong suffers from bad luck, receiving disadvantage on all their rolls for the next 1d4 days.

5. A miniature black hole opens near the gong, sucking everyone within 100' of the gong into itself.

6. The most powerful magic item (aside from the gong) within 100' of the gong vanishes, never to be seen again.

7. Those within 300' of the gong may lose their tongues (2 in 6 chance per individual).

8. Those within 300' of the gong may lose their eyes (2 in 6 chance per individual).

9. Everyone within 300' of the gong becomes either sterile or barren.

10. Everyone within 100' of the gong must roll a saving throw versus death once per day for eight days.

11. Massive earthquakes shake the subterranean pillars holding the surface world in place - multiple fissures open up in the ground, creating deep and wide chasms, crevices, and canyons. Everyone within 100' of the gong has a 1 in 6 chance of falling into a fissure [6d6 damage].

12. The one who last struck the gong becomes godlike in power, but also loses his memory and what is left of his mind is twisted to the point of insanity.


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My kids were watching Disney's reboot of the Ducktails TV show. The initial idea for a gong magic item bringing disaster after being sounded three times is based on what I saw in that Duckstails episode (not sure which one)...

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Authored by Venger Satanis


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