Gaming WestWorld

At some point, I'm going to run a game or write a scenario about a simulated wild west, populated by a vast array of androids programmed to serve high-paying guests for romance, murder or anything! Drink whiskey with cowboys while playing a game of poker in a dusty, mining town saloon before heading upstairs to Sally May's boudoir.

My Westworld is going to be a luxury resort created by the Delos Corporation just like the movie and last year's series on HBO. A nice place to visit on your vacation, but stay too long and who knows what might happen...

Before play begins, I'm going to have each player roll on the following random table.

What Are You?

1. You're human and sure about that fact.
2. You're human... or, at least you believe that you are. Midway through the scenario, roll a d6. There's a 2 in 6 chance that you're actually an android.
3. You're an android who believes he's a human being.
4. You're an android who's not quite sure what he is.
5. You're an android who realizes he's an android.
6. Yep, definitely human.

There it is. Let me know if you use this down the road. Thanks for reading and sharing, partner. Happy trails!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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