Exotic Weapons for Alpha Blue

Sure, all weapons basically do the same thing - xd6 amount of damage, depending on the results of your attack dice pool. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have cool-sounding options.

Plus, there's no reason why the BDSM (Bold Dungeon Space Master) can't improvise some appropriate effect on a critical hit. That's why BDSMs get paid the big blue bucks, right? Wait, we're not getting paid for this?!?

I present a crowd-sourced plethora of exotic weapons for Alpha Blue...

The Right Tool For The Job

1. Double-bladed laser sword
2. Hyper-spatial void-saber
3. Tri-bladed battle yo-yo
4. Forearm-mounted "blue" flamethrower
5. Telekinetic throwing knives with psi-control diadem
6. Vintage six-shot slug thrower "Peace Keeper"
7. Buzz-saw arbalest
8. Stun gauntlets
9. Retractable crysteel wrist razors
10. Ancient zith shadow saber
11. Kat-0-9 laser-whip
12. Entropic beam scythe
13. Collapsible unobtainium alloy bo-staff
14. Rub'xxx cube of kaleidoscopic chaos
15. Crotch cannon
16. Bowel disruptor
17. Atredies Inc. sonic disruptor; voice modulator now included with each purchase! [Best setting is the Donald Duck voice]
18. Haute couture metallic bustier with built-in mini mammary missiles
19. A black-bladed greatsword that glows with eerie chartreuse hellfire and hungers for humanoid souls
20. Occam's lazer-razor of fewest assumptions
21. Azrulian neuropathic detachable mind-powered synthsteel war tentacle
22. Bigby's ethereal pimp-slapping force hand
23. Trident of deadly fish-slapping
24. Killer space clown hidden blade assassin shoes
25. Sharpened strap-on scimitar
26. Multi-headed gravity flail
27. Miniaturized Black Hole Projector
28. Ultra-concealable high velocity wrist crossbow
29. The Gromm Jakkar; a poison laced fingertip blade
30. Aether Corp transdimensional phase knife; Stabs your foe in at least 5 different alternate dimensions with just one thrust!

And then there were 6 weapons left over... I guess, you could roll on the table above and if that doesn't trip your trigger, roll on the much shorter table below (unless you carry a 36-sided die in your pocket).

1. Thunder Fury: the anti-matter equalizer single-shot artillery implanted heirloom chaos plasma rifle crowd control turbo-executioner pistol
2. Spectral man-blaster, a haunted raygun that fires ghost cocks instead of lasers.
3. Laser throwing chop-sticks
4. Triple-bladed plasma axe and bug-zapper
5. Quantum collider of probable demise
6. The plague launcher


So, this table can expand freely. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to let me know! Special thanks to MoonSylver, Mark Damon Hughes, Nickolas H., Bob Bersch, Bill Adcock, and Brian Whitcraft.

In the meantime, thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this article.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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