Die Drop Tables Made Easy

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of buzz regarding die drop tables.

Just for fun and because my oldest daughter (4 1/2) is into drawing, coloring, and creating things, I tried making my own. I took a sheet of rectangular construction paper, made a bunch of weird random shapes with a pen and then asked her for suggestions.

Once all the shapes had some sort of phrase on it, we rolled some dice. It was fun, but half the time, the stupid dice rolled off the paper. :(

Now, I don't know about y'all, but I've been a big fan of wooden dice trays. Specifically, I buy 12" x 12" ones from Michael's, put some kind of symbols or design on it with a wood-burner, stain it, and seal it with a semi-gloss varnish. They look damn cool. You can see my latest (possibly NSFW) here if you scroll way down the page. Yeah, it's Dread Cthulhu! BTW, please back my KS if you're willing and able. Thanks!

Anyways, I decided to put those two great tastes together - die drop table and wood dice tray. I cut all those shapes up, used two magazine pages as a background, taped it all together like a Frankenstein collage, and laid the completed 12" x 12" table inside the wooden square.

My daughter and I did some test-rolling once it was completed to both of our satisfactions.

The cool part is that you can easily take out one and put in another and another without having to roll a bunch of times because the dice keep rolling away.

My next experiment will probably involve slightly more serious items for the table, what happens when certain numbers are rolled on particular areas, and possibly some colored pencils...

If you make your own, please share your story with us at Draconic Magazine. ;)


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