David S. Pumpkins

Quite a coup for the Galactic Series Q'uay-Q'uar tournament director, as this year the main event will not only take place aboard the space station of sin Alpha Blue, but will also be hosted by the enigmatic David "Space" Pumpkins and his dancin' skeleton sidekicks... the bone guard!

David "Space" Pumpkins

Level: 4 Health: 40 Armor: 2 (space pumpkin suit) Attack Dice Pool: 3d6

Special: A wand is concealed behind his pumpkin tie. It is only known as the Wand of David S. Pumpkins (see entry below).

David Pumpkins wears a wig, and it's the streak of lighter curls that teleports fresh skeleton dancers to his side. Destruction of the wig prevents any new members of the bone guard from appearing.

Also, he has skeleton, pumpkin, and skeleton pumpkin fetishes.

Treasure: David Pumpkins always carries 2d4 x 100 credits on his person.

The Bone Guard

Level: 1 Health: 25 Armor: 0 Attack Dice Pool: 2d6

Special: David Pumpkins will always be accompanied by precisely two bone guards. Even if one or both are killed in one scene, minutes later, two bone guards will be dancing alongside David Pumpkins. Apparently, there is an unlimited number of bone guard clones... yet no more than two will ever be seen at a time.

If David S. Pumpkins dies, his bone guard dies with him... unless someone puts his wig on within minutes of David Pumpkin's death.

Wand of David S. Pumpkins

This is a slender black wand decorated with white glow-in-the-dark bones and topped with an orange plastic pumpkin; its green eyes light up when the wand is used.

The wand is activated when the wielder holds it and says, "Any questions?" The wand can be used indefinitely, as long as, its power is not called upon more often than once per day. If it's used multiple times per day, there's a 1 in 4 chance that the wand will overload and self-destruct, causing 6d6 damage to everyone in a 30' radius.

Below is a random table for determining the effect of David Pumpkin's wand. Victims must be within 20' of the wand in order to be affected, and have a 2 in 6 chance of avoiding their fate.

1. Jettisons an individual into the cold vacuum of space.
2. Turns an individual into a pumpkin.
3. Turns an individual into a living skeleton.
4. Causes utter confusion and bewilderment in 1d4 individuals.
5. It allows the wielder to teleport very short distances.
6. The wand wielder scares the hell out of 1d4 individuals.


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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