City of the Purple Demon-Worm

Kra'adumek is what they call the city of the Purple Demon-Worm... and, by extension, the beast itself is also named.

It arrived on Cha'alt nearly a century ago, when the planets aligned and the gate opened. The people of that city have forever been destroyed by its malignant arrival. Not because of harm to their frail bodies... no. The Demon-Worm warps their minds, draining their identity, and installing them with the entity's own thoughts.

An entire population silently and methodically moving throughout the city, carrying out normal activities as if they were real people. Alas, they are only slaves dominated by the beast.

It is rumored that at the center of the city is a chamber of purple crystals that direct and focus the Demon-Worm's will.

Beneath Kra'adumek is a cavern and dungeon protecting the creature's secrets... including a way to resist Kra'adumek's mind-control. Infidels sometimes hide in the caves beneath the city, but more often than not they are swiftly cut down by the myriad subterranean horrors that slither and shamble amidst the sickly purple glow of crystal-embedded unhewn corridors.

It is said the Demon-Worm swallows whole his prey and that undigested pockets contain magic items the world hasn't seen for years, and perhaps sorcerers who dared refuse the beast's demand of fealty in the wizard-slave revolt of labyrinthine shadows.

[Above picture was found on google and is not representative of the creature's actual abhorrent visage]

Kra'adumek, The Purple Demon-Worm

Gigantic; Lawful Evil

Armor Class: 20

Hit Point: 242 (18d10+144)

Attack Bonus: +15

Number of Attacks: 4

Damage: 3d8 per attack

Saving Throw: 2+

Special: Mind-control dominates all humanoids within 25 mile radius (saving throw to resist at disadvantage due to entity's alien powers of persuasion). Can only be harmed by magical weapons. Natural 20 means victim is swallowed.


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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