Chat Her Up

I thought of an interesting optional rule for the sexy scifi roleplaying game Alpha Blue.

PCs who come up with a good pick-up line receive advantage (effectively a re-roll) on some aspect of the seduction. Conversely, terrible pick-up lines can have disastrous results... the PC gets disadvantage (the BDSM gets to re-roll one of your successful dice pools) at some point in the seduction.

It's important to remember there are plenty of non-verbal cues to go along with chatting her up, such as kissing the back of her hand or gently pressing your tentacle on her lower back.

Good pick-up lines are harder to come by than you think. The following criteria should be used to judge the line. Don't worry about checking every box (pun intended), but do keep them in mind.

Wait a minute, does the BDSM decide if a pick-up line is good, bad, or ugly? As we all know, Bold Dungeon Space Masters have a lot on his mind, as well as, a plethora of duties to perform. So, for this one, I'm going to let the players decide. Show of hands, majority rules!

Thumbs-up if the pick-up line is good (PC gets the bonus). Nothing or side-thumb if it's bad (no bonus). Thumbs-down if it's ugly enough to be truly cringe-tastic (penalty).

The Pick-Up Paradigm

* Originality: The line should be something she hasn't heard before. Surprise and delight her with a fresh observation or witticism.

* Ambiguity: One should be able to take the line in a couple of different ways. This uncertainty leaves her guessing as to what you really meant.

* Flirtatious: What your saying should convey something sexual. Erotic overtones get her thinking in the right direction - sex!

* Intent: Display your force of will and confidence by telling (or showing) her exactly what you want - her! Hiding your intentions (outright lying) is usually perceived as a red flag. "You start talking about puppy dogs and ice-cream, of course it's going to end up on the friendship tip." ~ Swingers


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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