Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow is a named +3 bastard or two-handed sword fashioned out of iridescent jet and magically sealed by the sorcery of Saigon the sphere-walker.

This mystic blade allows the wielder to slice through reality itself. Every time this sword successfully hits a person, monster, or object, there's a 2 in 6 chance that a space/time disruption occurs. Roll on the table below if a 1 or 2 results from the player's roll of 1d6.

Space/Time Disruption

1. 1d4 portals open nearby - 50% chance for each portal that something horrible oozes through it.

2. That thing disintegrates!

3. Its molecules are rearranged; it now resembles a 1) chair, 2) room full of old school computers, 3) an elf - 33% chance of being evil, or 4) a magic item.

4. A black rainbow suddenly appears overhead, sucking up the liquefied flesh of those within 30' of the sword (except for its wielder) - 3d6 damage; no saving throw.

5. Time distorts: 1) everyone within 30' of the sword (including its wielder) is sent back 1d1,000 years in the past, 2) propelled 1d1,000 years in the future, 3) 1d20 hours in the past, or 4) 1d20 hours in the future.

6. Space distorts: 1) everyone within 30' of the sword (including its wielder) is transported to 1) another planet, 2) another dimension, 3) another country or continent, or 4) 1d6 miles away.


Not sure how to roll a 1d1,000? Roll a d10 three times. Let's say you get a 9, 2, and 5. You just rolled a 925.


Authored by Venger Satanis (inspiration by Briella Emerald Satanis)


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