Alternatives to Cha'alt

Let's say you're not a huge fan of the name Cha'alt... what do you do?

First, let me tell you what it means. Webster's Dictionary defines the word Cha'alt as "greatness by way of suffering." Does that change your mind?

If not, here are some alternatives if you don't cotton to Cha'alt. However, you'll still have to be sacrificed as a heretic. Sorry, thems the rules...

1. The Lost Realm.
2. Land of the Black Pyramid.
3. New Torth.
4. S'kbah (the largest region, a desert).
5. Fuchsia Sky... or as it's devolved over the years Fyuskai.
6. Venger's World.
7. Hideous Paradise.
8. Land of One-Thousand Tentacles.
9. The Mutant Expanse.
10. That 70's Campaign.


Can you still get in on the Cha'alt kickstarter?!? Hellz to the ya'as, hoss!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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