Alerts, Conditions, and Directives

Before I forget - the sleaziest scifi RPG in the galaxy, Alpha Blue, is FREE now through November 25th!!!

I've been re-watching my boxed set of Red Dwarf and noticed their whimsical penchant for color-coded alerts and conditions. Why not add directives, as well?

What's the difference? An alert tells you there's a situation happening. A condition tells you the current status of a thing. A directive is a mission label, letting you know what might be in store during the assignment.

The following random table is just something fun elaborating on what they started...

Color / Reference

1. Taupe: Everything's fine, carry on!
2. White: Nothing out of the ordinary yet, but something might happen soon.
3. Pink: Available pussy nearby! [occasionally referenced as "poontang alert"]
4. Gold: Urination related... usually someone has to pee, but occasionally there's a golden shower opportunity!
5. Blue: The situation is pretty bad, but still manageable.
6. Mauve: Spirituality, mind-expansion, and sexual consciousness.
7. Heliotrope: The situation has to do with hallucinations, visions, or dreams.
8. Red: The situation is bad enough to GTFO of there!
9. Crimson: Things are seriously bad, but still somehow awesome - maybe that bad stuff is happening to your enemies?
10. Obsidian: Mind control, possession, and psionic influence!
11. Rainbow: There's an inclusion/diversity emergency! [also someone nearby may be triggered while not being able to take a joke]
12. Alpha Blue: There's an opportunity for extreme sleaziness!


Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing! Who knows where or when this will show up in an Alpha Blue adventure. Stay tuned...


Authored by Venger Satanis


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